About the Maine Gladiolus Society

The Maine Gladiolus Society was founded in 1940 by Madeline Jones Walenta and her sister, Virginia Jones, along with several notable local gladiolus growers. Since then, the Maine Gladiolus Society has held an annual exhibition each year -- with the exception of 1943, when it suspended activity due to wartime gas rationing. Its annual yearbook, "The Glad Book," has been in publication since 1941.

The officers of the Maine Gladiolus Society for 2015 are listed below:

President: Paul Cates
Vice-President: Arthur Mosher
Secretary / Treasurer: Elisabeth Cates
Auctioneer / Show Chair: Margaret Cates
Media Coordinator: Margaret Cates

Annual MGS Events

Bulb Auction: April 11th @ 10 AM
South China Community Church · Church Street -- Old Route 3
Lasagna lunch served; donations welcome

Pre-Show Meeting: scheduled if necessary
Vassalboro Friends Meeting · East Vassalboro, ME

Maine Gladiolus Society Show: August 30th
Windsor Fair · Windsor, ME
Pre-show setup, August 29th, time TBA

Annual Meeting: October 24th @ 10:30 AM
Vassalboro Friends Meeting · East Vassalboro, ME
Lunch and coffee provided; bring your own dessert

Contact the Society

Paul and Elisabeth Cates
17 South Stanley Hill Rd · Vassalboro, ME 04989-3500
207-923-3412 · pnecates@gmail.com