Annual Show

The 74th annual Maine Gladiolus Society Exhibition will be held at Windsor Fair on Sunday, August 30, 2015 from 2 PM 'til 5:30 PM. Setup times are 9:00 AM to noon. Membership in the Maine Gladiolus Society is not required of any exhibitor, but all gladiolus must have been grown by the exhibitor except in the arrangement classes. To jump to the arrangement themes for 2015, click here.

Copies of the complete schedule will be made available to exhibitors and visitors at the 2015 exhibition.

Exhibition Section

This section of the show is to be judged on the perfection of the gladiolus spike and the proper presentation on the show table.

Limited Competition -- Single Spike / Single Container

CLASS 1 -- Novice / Two-Year
CLASS 2 -- Boys and Girls

CLASS 3: Open Competition -- Single Spike

Section I -- 100 Size        Section II -- 200 Size
Section III -- 300 Size       Section IV -- 400 Size
Section V -- 500 Size       Section VI -- Seedlings

CLASS 4: All-America Selections -- Single Spike, Judged by Variety

CLASS 5: Old-Time Varieties -- Introduced Prior to 1984, Judged by Variety

CLASS 6: Three-Spike -- Single Container

Section I -- 100 Size        Section II -- 200 Size
Section III -- 300 Size       Section IV -- 400 Size
Section V -- 500 Size       Section VI -- Seedlings

CLASS 7: People's Choice -- Any identifiable variety. The winner will be selected by a popular vote of those attending Windsor Fair.

Design Section: Arrangements

The theme for arrangements at this year's show is Old Hollywood. Each class will pay tribute to a film genre from Hollywood's Golden Age. Individual classes falling under this theme are listed below, with criteria included.

CLASS A-1: Old Western: A design that reflects Hollywood's many Western classics, in colors that reflect the Old West: browns, golds, oranges, and greens. Other foliage and flowers permitted, but glads must be the primary flower in the arrangement. Western-style accessories or containers permitted.

CLASS A-2: Classic Romance: A design reminiscent of the sweeping, dramatic romances of the 1940s and 1950s. Designers' choice of color palate. Other flowers permitted.

CLASS A-3: Action/Adventure: A design paying homage to Hollywood's first blockbuster movies. Glads only; small accessories permitted.

CLASS A-4: Slapstick Comedy: A design inspired by the comedy greats of Old Hollywood. Slapstick-style accessories must be incorporated into the design.

CLASS A-5: Grand Musical: A design inspired by a classic movie musical produced before 1970. Other flowers and foliage permitted, along with small accessories. Entry card must indicate the musical which inspired the design.

CLASS A-6: Rags to Riches Story: A design in predominantly green, yellow, and/or white glads with small accessories permitted.

CLASS A-7: Awards Night: Designer's choice.

Design Section: Baskets

The theme for baskets at this year's show is Tourist Season. Individual classes falling under this theme are listed below, with criteria included.

CLASS B-1: Visiting the State Park: A basket with at least one dozen glads in colors of the designer's choosing. Other foliage and plant matter permitted. Small accessories may be included.

CLASS A-8: Lobster Bake: At least one dozen glads in a design that represents a Maine lobster bake. Other foliage and plant matter permitted; at least one accessory required.

Design Section: Rules

1. The design section is open to all entrants, including professional florists.

2. Gladiolus must predominate in all designs. In some classes the only flower permitted is glads. Additional foliage is permitted when allowed by the schedule. No artificial plant material may be used. In all classes except baskets, up to three accessories are permitted -- they must fit in the space allowed. Flowers need not be grown by the exhibitor, but should be named when possible.

3. No arrangement may exceed 26" in height or width. Arrangements will be shown on white paper-covered tables with a black background, to be provided by the flower show committee.

4. The Maine Guide to Conservation shall be followed.

5. There may be only one entry in each class by an exhibitor, but exhibitors may enter as many classes as desired.

6. A novice is an individual who has never received a blue ribbon in the design section of a gladiolus show, or who is entering the exhibition section for the first time.

7. The standard system of awards is used. The decisions of the judges are final.

Entries close at noon; show is open to the public from 2:00 'til 6:30 PM. No exhibitor or entry fee. Glads in the design section do not have to be grown by the exhibitor. No artificial, painted, or treated material shall be used in the arrangements. Glads must predominate arrangements. Other flowers and plant material allowed. All entries in classes A-1 through A-4, as well as classes A-6, A-7, and A-8 will be shown on a white covered table with a black background. Class A-5 will be shown in a shadow-box furnished by the Maine Gladiolus Society.