Other Gladiolus Societies

Alberta Dahlia and Gladiolus Society

British Gladiolus Society

Empire State Gladiolus Society

Idaho Gladiolus Society

Illinois Gladiolus Society

Moscow, Russia Gladiolus Society
Primary language of this site is Russian.

Pacific Bulb Society

Western Massachusetts Gladiolus Society

Suppliers of Gladiolus Bulbs

Cates Family Glads -- Maine-based family business of bulbs and blooms, specializing in old-timers.

Flowers: Gladioli Dahlias Irises -- Lithuanian-based hybridizer Antanas Markevičius.
Site is in Lithuanian; language options at top right of page.

Fred W. Nagel & Sons -- Midwest supplier of bulk bulbs for commercial sales.

Old House Gardens -- Supplier of antique bulbs grown around the US.

Peeters Enterprises Gladiolus -- Canadian hybridizer and supplier of gladiolus bulbs.

Pleasant Valley Glads & Dahlias -- Long-time family business of bulbs and blooms in MA.

Summerville Gladiolus Worldwide -- New Jersey hybridizer and grower for more than half a century.

Unique Gladioli Varieties -- Lithuanian hybridizer specializing in ornamental novelty varieties.

Miscellaneous Links

North American Gladiolus Council -- Contains information about the NAGC, a forum for growers and hybridizers, dates of shows throughout North America, as well as links to suppliers, photos from conventions and shows, and gladiolus growing tips.

International Gladiolus Hall of Fame

Hodges Badge Company -- Maine Gladiolus Society's source for exhibition ribbons and rosettes.